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League of Legends Patch 10.3 Tier List Solo Queue

Patch 10.3 that came to LoL today, we started our work in the PBE 10.3 patch period to present our LoL 10.3 Tier List to you. There were a few championship changes in the incoming patch because there was’t much change that would affect the meta. 

This Tier list includes champions who are more easily learned against other champions. This is because simple champions yield faster results. 

For those who want to get into the game quickly or who are currently on the game screen, patch 10.3 is a list of the strongest champions for each role. 

League of Legends Patch 10.3 Tier List Solo Queue

Here are the Official League 10.3 Patch Notes for reference. Check out our patch notes breakdown here!

LoL Meta 10.3 Tier List

Solo Top Tier List:

  1. S (Optimal) =  Kled, Singed, Ornn, Yorick, Teemo , Mordekaiser , Sett
  2. A (Great) =   Heimerdinger, Fiora, Darius, Shen, Urgot, Tryndamere, Nasus, Maokai, Dr. Mundo, Malphite, Quinn, Trundle
  3. B (Good) =  Yasuo, Rengar, Gnar, Camille, Riven, Kayle, Renekton, Kennen, Illaoi, Jax, Cho’Gath, Sion, Garen, Volibear

Jungle Tier List:

  1. S ( Optimal )   =   Shaco, Master Yi, Warwick, Trundle , Nocturne
  2. A (Great) =  Elise, Rek’Sai, Ekko, Nunu + Willump, Sett, Sejuani, Olaf, Amumu, Vi, Dr. Mundo, Volibear, Zac
  3. B (Good)  =  Lee Sin, Kindred, Kha’Zix, Kayn, Graves, Udyr, Hecarim, Shyvana, Jarvan IV, Jax, Rammus

Mid Lane Tier List:

  1. S (Optimal)   = Fizz, Diana, Swain , Zed
  2. A (Great)  =    Aurelion Sol, Yasuo, Katarina, Anivia, Ekko, Vel’Koz, Cassiopeia, Viktor, Rumble, Ahri, Kassadin, Morgana, Sett, Malphite, Malzahar, Ziggs
  3. B (Good)  =  Pyke Orianna, Syndra, Xerath, Twisted Fate, Vladimir, Talon, Heimerdinger, Morgana, Veigar, Kayle, Zilean, Galio, Annie, Lux, Nocturne

ADC Tier List:

  1. S (Optimal)   =   Caitlyn, Miss Fortune , Kai’Sa , Lucian , Jhin
  2. A (Great)  =  Draven,  Vayne, Xayah, Heimerdinger, Aphelios, Cassiopeia, Kog’Maw,  Tristana, Ashe , Senna
  3. B (Good)  =  Ezreal, Kalista, Varus, Twitch, Sivir

Support Tier List:

  1. S (Optimal)   =   Nami, Taric, Soraka,  Nautilus,  Leona, Morgana , Thresh
  2. A (Great)  =  Pyke, Bard,  Swain,  Seanna, Zyra, Brand, Blitzcrank, Sona, Janna
  3. B (Good)  =  Rakan, Xerath, Vel’Koz, Yuumi, Shaco, Braum, Zilean, Fiddlesticks,  Senna, Lulu, Lux

If a champion isn’t on our Tier list, that doesn’t mean you can’t ascend with them. You’ll have to do more to achieve results that are most suitable for Optimal, Great and Good to our good choices.


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