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TFT Best Comps : Best Teamfight Tactics Comps Patch 10.2

The last patch for TFT Set 2 this year appeared a few days ago, there are a few big changes that occurred after the last update. TFT best comps, eggroll was largely daffodil, raising the major champions in other Comps to pretty crazy levels. 

TFT 10.3 Patch will be published on Wednesday, February 5, 2020

TFT Best Comps

To achieve the best success at TFT, you’ll need teams with a large amount of synergy, equipped optimum items, and good skills that support the rest of your champions. For now, there seems to be specific origin and class combinations that work very well together. 

TFT Glacier Assassin Comps

TFT Best Comps TFT Glacier Assassin Comps
TFT best comps

It is a fairly simple Comp because it requires only seven champions, but it includes some high champions. Certain items are strictly required to further increase feature bonuses, but you can also add Lux or Rek’Sai for additional steel bonuses. 


  • Back row: Nocturne, Qiyana, Yasuo, Master Yi, Janna, Sivir, and Kha’Zix 

Glacial Assassin game plan: 

  • When it is created – If you can make the sword of the ruined king early and have Sivir and Azir early, this is a powerful team to make the transition. 
  • Mid-game – Collect low-cost assassins like Diana or LeBlanc until you prepare Nocturne and Kha’Zix. 
  • Additional Advice  – You’ll need a large amount of money and levels to complete the game efficiently, so save money. 

TFT Light Comps

TFT Best Comps TFT Light Comps
TFT best comps

This TFT Light comps redox is taken from youtube channel. 


  • Front row: Jax 
  • Second row: Aatrox 
  • Back row: Yasuo, Yorick, Janna, Vayne, Ezreal, Soraka 

6 Electric game plan: 

  • When it  is created – when your opponents don’t get enough Light champions, especially if the Predators get too much. 
  • Mid-game – Use predators to defend before moving to the Six Light array. 
  • Additional Advice  – Yasuo also benefits greatly from the Glacier bonus, so giving him frozen sledgehammer makes him a stun machine. Yorick’s helping defenses here, too. 

TFT Poison Ranger Comps 

TFT Best Comps Poison Ranger Comps
TFT best comps

This TFT Poison Ranger Comps are applied by the professional  TFT player “Scarra“. The idea is to create your ranger and poison champions when you have Singed and Ashe items. Taric is also a very good defensive wall. 


  • Second row: Dr Mundo, Taric, Yorick 
  • Third row: Singed 
  • Back row: Kindred, Twitch, Ashe, Vayne 

Poison Ranger Game plan: 

  • When it  is created – to have a large number of poison champions and good items to combine. You can easily switch from light-based champions like Nasus. 
  • Additional Advice – If you reach nine championships, Nami is a good option to place in the back row behind the rest of your champions. Just slide the other champions in the line up and make Nami stand there to strengthen his allies. 

TFT Shadow Master Comps 

TFT Best Comps TFT Shadow Master Comps
TFT best comps

Because there are expensive champions in this comp, you’ll have a little hard to get to level 2. But if you can do that, it will be very difficult to stop this Malzahar. 


  • Second row: Yasuo, Master Yi, Yorick, Scion 
  • Back row : Malzahar, Zed, Janna, Kindred 

Shadow Lord game plan: 

  • Good luck   with early synergy and Mirage with Shadow and Summoners – when created. 
  • Mid-game – Malzahar items must be the champion you will give. Master Yi and Zed will complete the game. 
  • Additional Advice  – Make sure you place your champions as far away as you can from the front row. 

TFT Shadow SwordMaster Comps 

TFT Best Comps TFT Shadow SwordMaster Comps
TFT Best Comps

Another good option for TFT set 2 comp comes from the Shadow SwordMaster comp. This requires fewer items to proceed quickly, and can be one of the more easy top-level compositions to be created with the champions on offer. 


  • First row: Master Yi, Sion (middle of the row) 
  • Thrid row: Kindred, Janna, Sivir 
  • Fourth Row: Malzahar, Kha’Zix 

Shadow SwordMaster game plan: 

  • When created  – The selection of early shadow champions may be a sign for you to go to this Comp. 
  • Mid-game – The challenge here is to get high-priority champions like Kindred, Janna and Sivir. Don’t forget to save enough foreheads. 
  • Additional Advice  – The Combo itself contains hard-to-achieve champions, but if you’re really stuck for the Swordmaster, creating more ruined King’s Sword can be a good Plan B. 

Our first TFT Best Comps Series will have updates as many patches arrive for now.The items that need to be given to the champions are on the pictures. Good luck… 


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